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Proper training improves productivity, consistency and morale. Safe Food Plus, LLC blends expert food safety training with operational training. Whether a company needs basic training for new hires or it needs development of its established leadership, it’s critical that you partner with a company that can bring customized trainings using multiple training techniques.

  • Skills Training: Whether by printed copy or eLearning, ensuring that your staff has the proper skills to the job is essential to success. All skills trainings are created collaboratively with you to custom design a training program that works within your culture and within your budget. Skills trainings can be as simple as a 2-minute eLearning on how to wash hands to as involved as a 4-hour facilitated course on conflict management.
  • Leadership Development: There is a difference between a manager and a leader. Safe Food Plus, LLC offers a course on leadership development, and we can also design management training courses that not only ensure skill competency but develop a culture of leadership thinking that will encourage ownership and empowerment.
  • Industry Expert / Motivational Speaker: Steve Franke, Founder and Executive Director of Safe Food Plus, has a passion for customer service, leadership development and employee engagement within the restaurant industry. From food safety to profitability, Steve enjoys talking to groups of all sizes about how each of us are given God-given talents and there is no industry as dynamic as the food industry to showcase them all.  Contact Steve directly at steve@safefoodplus.com for more information.