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Regulatory Compliance Guidance & Consultation

Food safety laws are constantly changing. The ratification of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) during the past year is the biggest change to the U.S. food safety laws in 70 years. How these laws impact your business can be confusing, and if not followed correctly, costly. Additional laws such as the Common Sense Nutritional Disclosure Act are impacting retail businesses in the next year and increasing liability for non-compliance.

Safe Food Plus partners with retail food establishments to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.  Scope and pricing depend on your specific business need. We want to provide you expert advice as a partner and food safety expert.

Through our attainable training and certification classes we are proud to expand the access to food safety. Safe Food Plus is ready to help your business succeed in a safe and knowledgable way! View our upcoming classes and even register online. Contact us today through our online contact form or by phone at (919) 766-2676.