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ServSafe® Menu

Time to order…How do you like your ServSafe® done?  We offer three menu options:

  1. “WELL-DONE” (For those who have doubts about whether they will pass)
    1. 6-hours of class time* with a certified ServSafe® Instructor, plus the 2-hour onsite test (*The 6-hours of class time can be broken into multiple days!)
    2. Cost: Depends on location and number of students
  2. “MEDIUM” (For those who feel they will pass already but want to prepare a little more)
    1. Information emailed to you for self-study, plus the 2-hour onsite test 
    2. Cost: $139
  3. “RARE” (For those who feel they will pass without additional study)
    1. 2-hour onsite test only
    2. Cost: $99

 When it comes to certifications, think QSR…Quick ServSafe® Results!

At Safe Food Plus, we proctor the 2-hour test onsite with you, but online.  No more bubble sheets, and no more waiting weeks to find out if you passed.  Once you finish the test you’ll know IMMEDIATELY if you passed (or failed, which we hope never to see!).  You can even print out your certificate right after the testing to hang proudly that day.  

Email info@safefoodplus.com for more information, or call 919-766-2676.