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Thinking about choosing Safe Food Plus? Here are our top 5 reasons!

  1. Digital technology is helpful even in the kitchenExpertise
    • As the founder and Executive Director of Safe Food Plus, Steve Franke brings more than two decades of restaurant knowledge, including 12 as a manager, regional management experience across multiple states, and corporate-level food safety oversight with a Fortune 500 food retailer. Steve has earned certifications through the National Restaurant Association/ServSafe® and the International HACCP Alliance. Steve has helped dozens of food retailers with their ServSafe® needs and performs third-party audits for food establishments to help them prepare for Health Inspections and improve scores.  Steve is trained in the Prosci’s ADKAR® change management model and has applied the ADDIE training model as the foundation to more than 6 years as a corporate trainer.
    • Safe Food Plus partners closely with various industry experts who have backgrounds that range from Health Department Inspectors, to microbial food science experts, to instructional designers. Together with Steve’s many years as an operations-level leader, he spearheads a team through Safe Food Plus that can customize a strategy for any size food company to certify, train and reduce food safety risk.
    • Safe Food Plus continually works to educate the food industry and be a resource for food safety questions. With a knack for not making food safety complicated (it doesn’t have to be), people hire Safe Food Plus to guide them through the nuances of food safety operations and regulations.
  1. Identify problems before they happen
    • Third-party food safety audits from Safe Food Plus give an objective view of your retail food operations using Food Code and local Health Inspection standards combined with a professional pictorial-based report to assist in identifying problems before they happen.
    • HACCP is a food safety management system that requires active managerial control of foodborne illness factors. It is based on identifying significant biological, chemical or physical hazards at specific points within a product’s flow.  Once identified, the hazards can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to safe levels.  Companies who need HACCP plans hire Safe Food Plus to guide them through this process and verify that their current plans are correct and effective.
    • Opening a new store, or expanding operations? Adding new menu items or new products to your production line?  Or just simply hoping you’re not playing the food safety version of Russian Roulette?  Companies hire Safe Food Plus to give an objective and proactive overview of potential hazards and guide them in a direction needed to minimize risk.
  1. Supplement your staff while keeping labor costs low
    • Food establishments don’t run a large profit margin. A consultant may get paid more per hour, but consultants are hired on an ‘as-needed’ basis.  Your company will pay less in labor annually as well as save thousands of dollars in not having to pay for training or benefits.  Even if hired on a monthly retainer, the annual costs of hiring Safe Food Plus dwarfs what would be paid to a full-time employee.  Additionally, when you’re hiring Safe Food Plus you’re hiring not only one person but also a network of partnerships and their expertise.
  1. Increase sales through added services to your clients
    • Food distributors and vendors hire Safe Food Plus as a service to their clients, which helps your brand without increasing marketing dollars. This can be in the shape of specialized classes, independent audits, or in operational efficiency and profitability. Salespeople use these services as further reasons to encourage prospective clients to buy from their company.
  1. Catalyst for change
    • Sometimes things just aren’t running the way they need to be running. Whether its systematic or cultural, people hire Safe Food Plus when things aren’t going well and ownership or management needs to move the establishment in a new direction. Making changes is a complicated and often resisted challenge.  It often takes an impartial analysis by someone who is not invested in the past to partner with decision makers of a company and create the future that they envision.