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Food Safety Plans

Chef is cooking appetizerA Food Safety Plan (FSP) is a detailed, written document that outlines well-defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  A FSP lays out a clear plan of training that employees can follow to provide safe food prepared within the establishment. It is an essential document to clarify your food safety policies and procedures, assign responsibility, and ensure management actions through guided and specific steps.The FSP focuses on the top five risk factors:

  1. Holding temperatures and proper storage of food
  2. Cooking and cooling temperatures of food
  3. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, utensils and facilitates
  4. Personal hygiene
  5. Purchasing of food from reputable suppliers

Scope and pricing depend on your specific business. Safe Food Plus will create a customized FSP for your retail food business and guide you through the process needed to train, implement, and monitor the SOPs to ensure the highest level of food safety and minimize risk for your establishment.

Through our attainable training and certification classes we are proud to expand the access to food safety. Safe Food Plus is ready to help your business succeed in a safe and knowledgable way! Contact us today through our online contact form or by phone at (919) 766-2676.